Revolutionizing Cannabis Factoring Rates.

Discover how our innovative approach to factoring rates in the cannabis industry drives financial growth, improves cash flow, and enhances profitability.: In the realm of business financing, securing favourable rates and fees is a crucial factor in optimizing cash flow and profitability. We Can Capital takes a unique approach to offer clients the best possible rates by implementing a 3-tiered discount system. In this blog post, we will explore how this innovative system enables clients to earn better rates with higher advances while highlighting the unparalleled benefits derived from We Can Capital’s strong relationship with their funding partner and their shared goal of supporting and preserving the industry.

  1. Understanding the 3-Tiered Discount System: We Can Capital’s 3-tiered discount system is designed to reward clients who seek higher advances by offering them more competitive rates and fees. As clients increase their advance amounts, they unlock progressively better terms, ensuring that they benefit from their growing financial needs.
  2. Enhanced Rates with industry leading Higher Advances: By choosing We Can Capital and opting for higher advances, clients unlock access to better rates, thereby reducing their financing costs. This enables businesses to optimize their working capital and allocate funds to strategic initiatives such as expansion, inventory management, marketing, and more. The 3-tiered discount system creates a win-win situation, aligning the financial goals of clients with We Can Capital’s commitment to providing the most advantageous rates and fees in the industry.
  3. Unmatched Relationship with Funding Partner: We Can Capital’s strong relationship with its funding partner is a key differentiator that sets them apart from competitors. This relationship allows them to negotiate favourable terms and fees on behalf of their clients, ensuring that businesses receive the best financing solutions available. The unique partnership between We Can Capital and its funding partner is built on a shared mission to support and save the industry, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach.
  4. Cost Savings and Increased Profitability: The discounted rates and fees offered through the 3-tiered system directly contribute to cost savings and increased profitability for clients. By lowering financing expenses, businesses can allocate saved funds towards growth initiatives, research and development, or improving operational efficiencies. This enhanced profitability strengthens the overall financial health of clients and empowers them to thrive in a competitive market.
  5. Tailored Financing Solutions: We Can Capital understands that every cannabis business is unique and faces specific financial challenges. With their commitment to providing tailored financing solutions, they work closely with clients to understand their individual needs and align the most advantageous rates and fees within the 3-tiered discount system. This personalized approach ensures that clients receive financing solutions that are tailored to their specific circumstances, allowing them to optimize their cash flow and working capital.
  6. A Partner for the Industry’s Future: We Can Capital and their funding partner share a common goal of supporting and saving the cannabis industry. This long-term vision drives their commitment to providing the best rates and fees available. By fostering a strong relationship with their funding partner and keeping industry preservation at the forefront, We Can Capital remains dedicated to supporting the growth and success of cannabis businesses in the BC industry
  7. Transparent and Competitive Fees: We Can Capital’s fees are carefully structured to ensure transparency and competitiveness. They prioritize fairness and clarity in their fee structure, offering clients a clear understanding of their financing costs. By leveraging its relationship with its funding partner, We Can Capital is able to deliver industry-leading fees that surpass those of competitors, ultimately benefiting its clients and helping them achieve financial success.

We Can Capital’s 3-tiered discount system revolutionizes the rates and fees in the business financing landscape. By offering clients the opportunity to earn better rates with higher advances, businesses can optimize their cash flow, reduce financing costs, and increase profitability. We Can Capital’s unparalleled relationship with its funding partner further strengthens its ability to provide the most advantageous rates and fees in the Cannabis industry.